Stroke is a medical condition in which the blood supply to the brain is interrupted. It can cause death of brain cells and it can also lead to disability, paralysis, and speech problems.

Many people with stroke are advised to do exercises in order to improve their recovery process. Exercise is a key part of the rehabilitation process for stroke patients. It helps in improving the functioning of the brain and body.

Exercise has many benefits for stroke patients:

  • Improves their balance and coordination. 
  • Aids in faster recovery 
  • Maintain or increase their strength and stamina 
  • improve their moods.

The Stroke Foundation in Australia recommend that exercise should be:

  • Task specific i.e. related to the activity you want to improve
  • Repetitive
  • Challenging
  • Progressive 

There is also high-level evidence showing individually tailored exercise and circuit classes can be very beneficial in stroke patients. 

It is important to understand that exercise can be a challenge for people who have had a stroke. The intensity and type of exercise needs to be tailored according to the capabilities of each individual.

If you would like some guidance on an exercise programme as part of your rehabilitation from stroke contact us and a Physiotherapist will guide you along the process.  

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